Ansar Gallery, Dubai, UAE ( United Arab Emirates ) is boasted of good quality merchandise, innovative visual display, and creative salesmanship. Through these factors, Ansar Gallery is able to gain a loyal following of customers, which opened doors for its growth. Ansar Gallery Shoes Section is divided into four sub sections.

» Ladies Shoes Section                  » Gents Shoes Section
» Boys and Girls Shoes Section      » New Born Shoes Section

Ladies Shoes Section for sophisticated ladies with in this section all the design that she wanted can be find in this section from fashionable slipper, shoes and sandals high heels type to medium heels type flat sandal also available that can be use by party going ladies and imported design made from SYRIA. We are always bringing new fashionable items according to the interest of the customer. You can find here wide range of boots, like half boot long boot with high heels medium heels and flat heels designed from SYRIA and CHINA made with the good quality of leather, with some seasonal design for winter for casual attire some can use in party. Sandals with more design to choose flat, medium, and high heels and some party sandal also available imported from Syria and China made with good material which is comfortable to wear. Normal Slipper and Plastic slipper for ladies with latest design and imported from Thailand and China. Indoor slipper made from soft and fined feather and fabric that will make your feet feel relax when you wear it inside your home. Medical slipper and Medical shoes which will help you to walk in proper way and will help also to circulate your blood to avoid pain while walking or even standing for a long time. Sport shoes for sporty type of ladies we have a different design which will perfectly match your style, sport type of half shoes with nice design you can use for your casual wear. Half shoes for women with some shiny design with heels and different colors made by leather which is comfortable to wear all of these available in different sizes.

Gents Shoes Section in this section you can find different kinds of shoes, sport shoes, casual shoes, men's boots, classic shoes, sandals, slipper, Arabic slipper, plastic slipper. Men's slipper which is imported from THAILAND, BRAZIL, and CHINA, Arabic slipper which is imported from THAILAND and local U.A.E that is made in genuine material that will last longer. Men's sandals with new design only you can find in Ansar mall, there is a brand of sandal which is imported from FRANCE like Kickers and made in BRAZIL. Men's sport shoes, in this section you can find a different type of sport shoes like: canvass shoes with different style, color and design which you can wear with jeans or walking short. Running shoes or sport shoes you can wear when you are about to go to gym, jogging or playing your favorite sports also available in big size from size 40 to size 50. Football shoes with 2 different types for indoor football and the other one outdoor you can select your own choice of style, color, design and size which is comfortable with your feet. High cut shoes is also available in different style and design from canvass type to sports type. Men's casual shoes within this section you can choose a lot of design, style that will fit according to your taste, casual shoes which is made in BRAZIL, FRANCE and ITALY. Classic shoes imported from SYRIA and ITALY which is made in quality leather material, hand made, durable and comfortable to wear that will fit for your formal wear, wedding, or you can use for office workmen's boots also available with different design that will fit on your own fashion. This is the biggest showroom of the footwear items, where you can get varieties of footwear together in one place. You can find here always new collection according to the fashion in the market.

Boy's and Girl's Shoes Section looking for school shoes? You can find it here in this section black color or white color school shoes normally use for school. For playful boys and girls, sport shoes are good for them. Slipper imported from Thailand and China with the latest design and print of attractive colors, different cartoon character that proper for their age and comfortable to wear, Arabic slipper in different design and style imported from Thailand will be fit for them. Sandals with different color, shiny type, glossy type with flat and medium heels leather type which they can use also for casual wear. Shoes available inn different type like sport shoes printed with popular character, assorted colors and lights. Skating shoes with 4 wheels, double and single wheel printed with playful character and colors and wheels with lights, you can also adjust the size according to your size from size 28-43, protective gear like helmet, elbow and knee pad, gloves that will provide safety when they use this skating shoes. Football shoes with different looks style and design will add will inspire them to play football together with their friends, skate board with nice print of different character in the board, wave board.

New Born Shoes Section from this section you can find a small but cute pairs of shoes, slippers made from rubber printed with colorful cartoon characters and attractive colors, Arabic slipper for babies you can find in this section, boots and sandals that perfectly fit for your baby with some imported items made in CHINA designed specially for babies and the material used is gentle, soft and comfortable to wear, with different design, lights and sound and some cartoon character or superheroes printed in the shoes or slipper will attract your baby to wear in his/her fit. You can select different varieties of items form this section as you like. With some design which will provide your baby comfort in every season like winter shoes.