Dubai Shopping Festival - Internationally acclaimed shopping fiestas in uae

Dubai Shopping Festival - Internationally acclaimed shopping fiestas in uae Updated: Wednesday, January 2, 2013    -    News Source: Dubai Events

The Dubai Shopping Festival 2013 (DSF 2013) will be open from 3rd January and will run until 3rd February 2013, featuring "Dubai at its Best". DSF 2013 is the internationally acclaimed festival and one of the best shopping experiences in the world.

The 32-day shopping extravaganza will bring Dubai into festive spirit, with its unique combination of shopping, winning and entertainment. Apart from shopping and winning prizes, various events and activities will be organized for visitors and residents.

DSF caters to people of all ages, as its programs vary from international concerts, sports, musicals and shows, to outdoor and fashion events.

Organized by Dubai Events and Promotion Establishment (DEPE), DSF 2013 follows the grand success of DSF 2012, which incorporated the slogan "Dubai at its best".

The mega event commences with entertaining street performances, display of fireworks, and proceeds to high discount tax-free shopping, and entertaining events during the festival. The retailers announced up to 75% discount on electronics, jewellery, watches, perfumes, textiles, carpets, and more on major brands.

Apart from these, there are opportunities to win several daily and weekly prizes organized by shopping malls and retailers. Among the prizes to be given are LX50 given in cash in Lexus Mega Raffle.

Also, DSF 2013 will witness wonderful performances by renowned artists, percussionists, acrobats, dancers and more. However, apart from entertainment programs alone, the festival plays a major role in development of tourism in Dubai, and helps in boosting economic condition of the country.