Carpets and Curtins

At Ansar Gallery, Dubai, UAE we're passionate about delivering only the finest quality carpets from Turkey and around the world. We've established an impeccable reputation based around brand's three core values:

1. Precision
2. Innovation
3. Sophistication

Our zealous commitment to pure wool, acrylic yarn, natural silk and jute fiber cutting edge tufted and woven construction methods, along with only the most stylish and desirable color palettes and textures, have always made Ansar Gallery's carpets the first choice of UAE leading carpet retailers. As leaders in fashion and design, we most certainly have the right product for your home and office from our extensive Imported Collection of brands. The Turkish & Persian Carpets are the world leader by means of quality and long life. These carpets are washable and non-allergic as well. The greatest selection, best value, and an impeccable reputation for being Ansar Gallery's most dependable source for all your flooring needs! We are also offering the Turkey Carpets in Traditional / Modern Designs in a very fine quality at affordable prices. Beside this we offer the carpets in Belgian Silk which is a man-made silk. We also have Turkey Shaggy and China Shaggy Carpets available in different size with the modern age designs. The corridor carpets are also available in any size and muket runner which is made in Greece which is coated with anti-slip and are washable too. The baby Carpets are also available in different size and designs.

and alot more available here at Ansar Gallery, Dubai, UAE.